Adam McCartney (IRL/AT) | Idee, Komposition, Text, Harmonium

Sabine Maier (AT) | Idee, Inszenierung, Choreographie, Bühnenbild

elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme (AT) | Zeichnungen, Text,

Inszenierung, Choreographie, Bühnenbild

mit Doris Segula (Violine)

18.03.2015, Kulturzentrum Minoriten – ImCubus, Graz (AT)

In the sense of music theater, we experiment with different forms of staging (space-defining projection stations, literature, music, performance), which stand side by side, disonnected and dissasociated, and nevertheless form a whole.

the air alone a storm with black rain

and then somewhere light

The project Aimsir consists of two parts: the score and its intermedial, installation / staging. Aimsir comes from the Gaelic and means “weather” but also “tense”, equally past (perfect), present (present), future (future).

Starting materials for the intermedia staging Aimsir are seasonal, transcribed by us weather data, which were implemented in a score: They serve as graphical notations and as a poetic template for the time structure of the score, and as a textual basis for the libretto. Geometrical forms, arranged in space, serve as projection surfaces that create a poetic multi-dimensionality in dialogue with drawing and texts.

the drawing shows the direction

the rest is decoration

in association with gravity

Aimsir is changeable and unstable, suddenly clouds appear and the whole picture changes. We shape the changeable, unstable, indefinable of the weather, let movement, language, sound, sound, light and just as its opposite, the silence, the emptiness, silence and darkness act as protagonists … barely noticeably the scene changes, the mood changes … any control eludes the everlasting process to which our existence is subject: an out-of-focus humanity that almost casually exists, in its self-denominated history of science, fleeting and unaffected …

Press release by Sabine Maier & elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme (using texts from “The Book of the Sum” by Adam McCartney and “cry to the bumblebee – a kind of book.” By Elffriede)

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