Agnes Hvizdelak (AT/NOR) | Konzept, Stimme
Jonathan Heilbron (AUS/DE) | Konzept, Kontrabass, Luftorgeln, Objekte
Billy Roisz (AT) | Video, Elektronik
Daniel Lercher
(AT) | Klangregie, Kontrabassklarinette, Elektronik
Antonis Rouvelas (GRE/AT) | Licht-Design
Andreas Karl (AT) | Konzept, Dramaturgie

28. Oktober 2023, Priesterseminar, Graz (AT)

1. English, from the Latin quaternum – a unit of four. A medieval sheet of paper folded into several pages of a book. Loose books at first, bookbinding came later. Reading as unfolding.
2. The space between the nave and the sanctuary. A fixed position with innumerable iterations.
3. From the Old French “cuer” via “quere” . Individual voices coming together to form a whole. A melding in air, a choir.
4. A music theatre of four pages by Agnes Hvizdalek, Jonathan Heilbron, Billy Roisz and Daniel Lercher.

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